Python Problems Solved: Torch is not able to use GPU; add –skip-torch-cuda-test to COMMANDLINE_ARGS variable to disable this check

Hello Loves,

Have you ever stumbled across this annoying error message: “Torch is not able to use GPU“? Well, don’t worry because today we are going to tackle this issue together and I will guide you through the solution, step by step.


So, let’s take this journey together and see how we can make our Python experiences more enjoyable!

Step One: Uninstalling the Problematic Packages

The first thing we’re going to do is uninstall the torch, torchvision and torchaudio packages. This is a straightforward process with this simple command:

pip3 uninstall torch torchvision torchaudio

Paste this into your command line and give it a moment. Just be patient darling, it will soon finish!

Step Two: Reinstalling the Packages

After the uninstallation is done, it’s time for us to install them back. But this time, we’re going to do it a little differently:

pip3 install torch torchvision torchaudio --index-url

This command will install all packages we just uninstalled, but with a different index URL this time.

And voilà! Your problem should be solved!

Remember, my sweet Pythonistas: errors are just stepping stones on our path to becoming more proficient at what we do. So, don’t worry when you face an error. It’s your chance to learn something new.

Stay tuned for more coding tips and tricks, and remember to code with a smile always!

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